Living Ayurvedic Step 1:


Know your Dosha to know yourself. Understand your body's constitution.

When we look to the beauty of nature, we find that five elements provide the foundation for the entire physical world. Ayurveda recognizes these elements–Space, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth—as the building blocks of all material existence. They exist in nature, and they exist in us too. To make practicing Ayurveda a bit simpler however, early practitioners realized that the elements generally combine in nature and within us in distinct combinations -- those are the three Dosha below. Every individual will possess elements of each, but one or two will always dominate your being. To embark upon an Ayurvedic lifestyle, you should first determine your Dosha leanings.

Learn About and Find Your Dosha Composition Here (Prakiti)

Living Ayurvedic Step 2:


From the comfort of home, setup your Face-to-Face appointment with our first available Vaidya. Or select from our experts with upcoming availabilities.

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Living Ayurvedic Step 3:

Nutrition is one of the most directly controllable, but deceptively complex difficult to implement Ayurvedic practices. Our Vaidya can help you design an easy to follow and bespoke tailored dietary regiment. Doing so requires weighing an array of influences, including:

Time of Day

Illness and Imbalance

Illness and Imbalance





Living Ayurvedic Step 4:


Supplement Your Diet with Natural Ayurvedic Products

Courtesty of our partnerships with Kottakkal and Auric waters, VedaLife is excited to bring you a proven selection of hard-to-find and impossible to surpass Ayurvedic Supplements, Waters, Topical Solutions. and Skin Care Treatments.

  • Auric Waters

    Beauty & Wellness Beverages for Mind, Body, Skin, Hair, & Weight. Auric beverages are crafted with Ayurvedic Science, and they don't need any artificial chemicals to deliver the product's functional benefits. Nor do they allow any junk in their products. Auric: Pure Functional Efficacy. Delivered by herbs. Ayurvedic is our DNA. Reflected in our Name.

  • VPK by Maharishi Ayurveda

    Since 1959, Maharashi Ayurveda has focused on one solitary mission: To restore and maintain balance whereever imbalance exists, through a combination of their herbals, natural skin care line, massage oils, aromatherapeutic blends, and teas.

  • Kottakkal

    Trusteed since 1902, Kottakkal has grown from a small farm in rural Kerala, India to North America's largest and most respected importer and distributor of classically-formulated Ayurvedic herbs, spices, pills, tablets, pastes, and topical oils and skin-care products. All their products are grown and imported from their pristine farms in Southern India.

  • B.V. Pundit's / VedaLife

    The maker of our VedaLife line of Single-Herb supplements, B.V Pundit's has for 107 years operated their Ayurvedic hospital in Kerala, India and operated 'farm-to-doorstop' producing some of the most pure, respected, and trusted Dietary Supplements in India.

Value and Data Security

Encryption, Affordability, and Health Insurance Coverage

Your data will be stored only within the exceptionally encrypted and HIPAA-compliant Salesforce-based Ayurmegha medical system. The intense scrutiny to which we subject our heavily guarded system, it's cloud base, and the vigilance devoted to backing up the data mean your information stays safe, is available to you when needed, and is never shared beyond anyone who expressely needs it to service you. Finally, our "virtual" nature means we as a clinic avoid excessive overhead, promising you equally unparalled value for money. Even better, many Health Insurance programs now recognize and support integrative approaches when led by Medical Doctors, and you can see why the medical world is steadily shifting in our direction.

Learn more about our data security here
Erin B.

"I was skeptical at first, and a bit apprehensive. But Ashleka's approach, professionalism, and knowledge settled me down, and by the end it was all making so much sense. I'm a believer now, and following her recommendations, I'm already feeling more sharp and energetic."

Alan K.

“Best move I've made in decades. Starting Yoga last year got me going, but with just a few tweaks that Vaidya Sunil recommended it's multiplied the effects. I feel like I'm 25 again."

Ayurvedic Wellness in Numbers

VedaLife puts 5,000 years of accumulated wisdom at your fingertips.

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  • Axios study for 2018.
    / $28,751 Out of Pocket Health-care, each household, 2018

    Axios study for 2018.

  • / Years in business

    The number of years our 'youngest' partner in production has been faithfully harvesting and preparing Ayurvedic herbs and spice.

  • / Compiled Years of Wellness Wisdom

    The Indian vaidyas have been observing, studying, and documenting the effect of Ayurveda's all-natural balancing and treatment effects for millenia. Their learnings have been passed down and built upon for hundreds of generations.

  • The US FDA estimates that over 1,300,000 people die or suffer injury each year from side-effects, dosage errors, and other medicinal reactions.
    / Annual US Casualties from Western Medication Errors

    The US FDA estimates that over 1,300,000 people die or suffer injury each year from side-effects, dosage errors, and other medicinal reactions.