Wallet Supplements - Search for Your Unclaimed Property in the US and Canada

It's true. There's likely money at your state capital waiting for you. Mostly old stock dividends, settlements, & utility payments - there are billions there. 

This is not a phishing scam, and hopefully we can alleviate concerns: 1) Hover over each state before clicking and confirm the web destination. Most are .gov, but not all. All (but for WA!) are secure 'https://" sites.

2) I'll explain why we are doing this. VedaLife.me is a Wellness Supplements startup, but we're a month out from gov't approvals. So in the meantime, we hope to at least build some relationships and name recognition -- even if that's through Wallet Supplements instead of Wellness Supplements. In a way, it's also like a Startup Capital pledge drive - like people do on Kickstarter. Perhaps if we've helped you find some money here, might you be willing to pledge us back a small, small portion? Zero obligation, and the money's all yours, but anything you could part with would be very much appreciated! OK. Begging done. To the matter at hand! 

We've built this clickable map linking to all 50 States' & DC's Unclaimed Property search pages. Please check ALL your current and past States.  Also, if you've lived in British Columbia, Alberta, or Quebec you are in luck as well.