Waived Video-Consult Hosting & Secure Cloud Medical Records Maintenance Fees

Overcrowded hospital room

Now more than ever, your clients and patients don't want to come in.  More than just a convenience factor, it's dangerous and in some areas illegal.

To help out in this era of rampant COVID infection, VedaLife is opening our Video-Consult Hosting & Secure Medical Records Storage services up for free to our fellow Vaidyas and Practitioners. 

From now through June 30th, we are waiving the $50 Access Fee for Vaidya and Clinics wanting to use our infrastructure, and dropping our Percent-Based charges to cost (9.5% of patient payments).  Route your patients through your own page on our website, your own branded wellness portal, and enjoy a free listing along with our own Vaidya and Partner Clinics.

Interested in giving it a try?  Your clients/patients will love the convenience and you can infinitely expand your reach.  Come see just how far video-conference and Cloud-Based record retention and protection has come.  

Email murty@vedalife.me to learn more.

If we stick together, we'll make it through this crisis, and come out even stronger!